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Beaver's Cams is, simply put, my favorite sex cam site. The cams are high quality, mostly HD and there are always lots of hot girls online. There are multiple show options and prices to meet anyone's budget. It's free to check out, so sign up for an account (FREE!) and browse their cams. Now, let's get into the particulars.

Why don't we start with the girls? This site has a wide range of sexy performers; everything from college girls to busty mature babes. I've been in a monogamous relationship for a long time. I love her, but sometimes you just need a little something new. I'm no cheater, but I will rub one out while checking out a new girl on a sex cam. To my point, this site offers a wide variety of sexy women. To help you find what you want in such a large pool of talent, Beaver's Cams has detailed advanced search functionality.

The cam quality is top-notch. The vast majority of them are HD, and the handful that are not don't seem to suffer from any bandwidth issues. If you are going to spend a bit of coin on a sexy cam girl, the last thing you want is a crappy image or bad connection. With this site, you should never have to worry about this. They all seem to look excellent. In addition, the mobile version of the site looks great!

The Beaver offers an interesting pricing structure. The site has Party Chat, Gold Shows, and Private Shows. Party Chat is kind of a group chat where talk to the model. There's usually not much nudity unless someone is tipping. Gold Shows are goal-oriented shows where viewers contribute and then see the show. This tends to be cheaper than Private Shows. Of course, Private Shows are just you and the model; highest price, but also the highest reward!

If I had to pick a thing I dislike about this site (a good review needs pros and cons) then I would say that some of the private shows are a bit expensive. This is actually pretty easy to understand; it's basic economics. The price of a service will rise to what the market will bear. In this case, the hottest and kinkiest of the models, who are the most in demand, raise their prices as high as they can and still make money. If people stop buying, their prices will be forced down. The good side of this is that the expensive private shows tend to be well worth the price!

Beaver's Cams is really quite a nice site, and I think you owe it to yourself to give it a try. You can create an account for free, and then chat with the models. Whether you decide to spend any money on the site is up to you, but I believe money spent on this site is money spent well. Give Beaver's Cams a shot, and if you see the Beaver, tell him the Clam sent you!


Beaver's Cams is my personal favorite cam site. This is where I spend most of my porn-viewing time because of the variety of girls and the cam quality. Most cams are HD, and the video quality is excellent. I really like the options; party chat, gold shows, and private chats. Do yourself a favor and check out this top notch sex cam site.
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