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I'm not going to launch into another rant about how much I like Asian babes as I've said it all before. I do, though, and if you like them too, then you might want to check out this site. The site offers a fairly decent selection of Asian girls at reasonable prices.

Price is a pretty big selling point for this site. Many of the girls do their private shows for only $0.99 a minute. This makes the site economical if you are a pervert on a budget, as I have been at many times in my life. If you find yourself visiting frequently, the site offers a VIP membership for $30 a month. This gets you 10% off private shows, making them even cheaper, and access to all live feature shows. You also get access to recorded live shows and recordings of your private shows at no additional cost. It's a pretty impressive deal if Asian girls are your thing.

Unfortunately, I was not particularly impressed by the quality of the cams I viewed on this site. That is not to say they were bad, just not great. I guess mediocre is the right word.

The site looks like it was designed back when the web was young. It gives me the same feeling I get when I watch reruns of 70s cop shows. It just feels dated and old. That being said, it is not a terrible looking site, and it is functional, which is more than I can say for a lot of websites out there.

So, if you are a big fan of the Asian girls, you really should at least check this site out. The price is very nice and an Asian lover can find a lot of value here. Check it out and see if you agree with me.


I was not terribly impressed by this site. The cam quality was not great and there were not a large number of performers online. Where this site really shines is on price. Many cams were only 99 cents per minute. This is a good site for an Asian lover on a budget.
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