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BTC Sex Cams - Where Bitcoin = Pussy! I do love a clever slogan, and I really like this site. If you have some BTC burning a hole in your digital wallet and you want to spend it watching a sexy young babe pound her pussy with a dildo, this is the site for you. Don't have Bitcoin? No problem; they do take other methods of payment.

I like the way this site is laid out. Across the top, you have the four very broad categories; females, couples, males, and transsexuals. Down the left hand side, you have more specific categories; anal, babes, big tits, blondes, etc... This lets you narrow down what you see in the main display to fit the mood you are in today. There's an advanced search button at the top that opens a panel where you can get really, really specific.

Those search options will come in handy as there are a lot of performers on this site all the time. Variety, they say, is the spice of life. Perhaps you are in a monogamous relationship like your old buddy the Clam is. I have no desire to cheat, but I do like to fool around with a wide variety of cam models. (Mrs. Clam is okay with it.) The screen shot above shows almost 400 models online, and honestly I think that is the lowest I have seen their model count. This means that you are highly likely to find exactly the right girl to get you off.

The cam quality is quite good. Most of the cams I saw while doing this review were HD quality, and the ones that weren't were still good. You know I have a hard-on for HD cams. This site did not disappoint me at all in terms of the visual quality.

My one gripe about this site is that the private chats are a bit expensive. If you like privates the way I do, you can burn through some money. That's okay, though, I have a budget and I stick to it! Seriously, though, given the high quality babes and the HD quality cams, you will get your money's worth at BTC Sex Cams.


BTC Sex Cams is an excellent sex cam site and well worth your time. The category system and advanced search make it easy to find exactly the right model for your mood, and there are lots of models online to choose from. The cam quality is really good, with lots of HD cams. The private chats are a bit expensive, but I believe it to be money well spent. Overall, I think this is a fantastic cam site.
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