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Free is the best price there is! The only way free sex cams could be cheaper is if someone paid you to watch them. If there is such a job, sign me up now, please! Of course, people don't just put stuff on the web for free. Everybody wants to make money, and cam sites are no exception. So, even the free ones have a method built in to make some money.

Let me tell you, Horny Surfer, the Clam is a big ol' skeptic. I'm always on guard against being taken advantage of, because I have a fairly realistic world view, and I've been ripped off a few times in my life. I'm sure many of you share my skepticism, and why not? Every day when we watch the news we hear stories about scams and swindles. Everyone is out to make a buck, and we can safely assume that cam sites are as well.

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But, fear not! There are some sites on the web that operate in such a way that they really can be free. The sites listed below do not limit your access to non-nude chat until you pony up the cash. You can see lots of nudity, masturbation, and hardcore sex without cracking your wallet open. Of course, the cams sites hope that you crack it open anyway...

These sites stay in business by selling you advantages if you want to buy them. Tipping the performers (the cam site gets a cut) will get you more personal attention from the models. Some of the models run password protected shows that you have to buy your way into, and again, the site gets a cut. If you want a private experience with a performer, that costs money, and yes, the site gets a cut. As long as some of their surfers keep spending money on their sites, they keep offering cams for free. These sites are doing very well and the free cams are not going away anytime soon.

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There are a few disadvantages to the free model. The one that gets me is the crowd factor. There is a restaurant down the block from me which occasionally offers corn dogs for 50 cents. I love a good corn dog and I love a good deal, but I never go there on 50 cent corn dog day. Why? So many people show up for the cheap corn dogs that I can't enjoy mine, what with the lines and the backed up kitchen and the waiting...

Free cams sites can get quite crowded, too. I was watching a cam just the other day on Chaturbate and the girl's chat room had over 4000 viewers. You can't get any attention from the performer when she has 4000 people trying to talk to her. Don't get me wrong, though. Free is the best price there is, and what I'm listing on this page is a collection of the best of the free sex cam sites. Make sure you take the time to create a free account on these sites. It won't cost you anything to create the account and you will be able to chat with the models once you have one. I hope you enjoy these free sex cams as much as I have.


Free is awesome, except when it isn't. And even when it isn't, it's still pretty damn good. You can pass a good time on the interwebs without parting with your coin. This list of cam sites will get you started!