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A Classic Site Gets a Facelift

It wasn't always the case, but the Im Live interface is really nice and slick looking. You see, Im Live has been around basically forever in internet terms, and as one of the oldest cam sites on the web, their site design had become somewhat tired and dated. A recent update has changed all that in a big way, and I absolutely love the new layout. It's a very modern look which translates perfectly to mobile for those times when you are away from your computer.

Im Live Features

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...a brilliant feature that I wish all sex cam sites had.

The hover preview functionality is fantastic. The girls can promote their rooms with a sexy glamour image, but when you mouse over the pic, you get a quick preview of the actual room at that moment. This lets the model show off her best image and lets you preview her cam. This is a brilliant feature that I wish all sex cam sites had.

The advanced search feature is well implemented and makes finding the right girl easy. You can really narrow things down to fit your particular tastes. They also have a 'Narrow Your Search' feature that lets you quickly pin down a particular attribute you are looking for. Once you pick what you want to see, the visible cams are instantly updated. This gets you to what you want quickly.

Top Sex Cams Reasonably Priced

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The cams on this site are almost all HD and the quality is quite good, though the site sizes the cam window a little large. This increase in size without an increase in resolution takes a little away from the clarity, in my opinion. Still, I was very happy with what i was seeing. The mobile version of the site is also quite nice, for when you need to fap on the go.

The mobile version of the site is also quite nice, for when you need to fap on the go.

This site tends to be a bit less expensive than others (like Live Jasmin) and price per minute averages around $2. This is very reasonable and makes Im Live well worth your time.

One thing that bothers me about this sexcam site is that while most girls let you see their cam for free before you request a private show, some do not. I'd prefer to be able to chat the girl up a bit first and see her cam quality before I break out my wallet. Im Live does make up for this by making the first 20 seconds of private shows free, so you can bail out if you are not happy.

Im Live is Better Than a Free Site

Overall, this is a good site; there are several sexcam sites I would consider better, but this one is better than the so called "free" sites. The improved interface and the lower cost of the site make it an affordable alternative to some of the other premium sites, while still being a big step up from the free sites. You'll like how easy it is to find what you are looking for and there are plenty of girls to be found. I think you should give Im Live a spot in your sex cam lineup.


Im Live is a very good sex cam website with an updated interface. The hover preview feature gets big points from me; I wish every site had this. They have plenty of models and most of the cams are HD quality. Their average price per minute is lower than others (around $2/minute) which makes Im Live well worth your time.
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