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Clam, here! I've been working hard to review and rank live cams so you can find the best cam experience for your hard-earned money. You probably don't have time to search all over Hell's half acre just to find a good cam site. I bet you are tired of wasting your cash on poor quality cam sites that don't deliver the goods, or the crappy free sites where the cam girl never pays you the slightest bit of attention. Maybe you are just looking for something a little better than what you are currently fapping to. Well, that is why I am doing it for you. I'm combing the interwebs like a squirrel trying to find a nut, and I'm sharing my findings with you, Horny Surfer! This page lists the best of the Premium Sex Cam sites. There are a lot of so-called 'free' sex cam sites out there, so why do I have this page devoted to cam sites you need to pay for?

Premium is a Good Thing

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Sometimes in life you have to pay to get what you want. The Premium Sex Cam listing on this site represents the best live cams I could find as well as my personal favorites. While the 'free' sex cam sites work off of the premise that as long as someone is tipping, money is being made, these sites focus on individual experiences. You are more likely to be spending your money for private shows with the performers rather than tipping in a group show. If you really think about it, this is a very good thing. Instead a girl getting naked while a bunch of guys stand around and toss nickles at her, you get her all to yourself. Instead of her attention being divided between you and everyone else who tosses in money, her attention is on you. Instead of her stopping what she's doing every 15 seconds to say, "Thank you, Random Tipper," she and you stay in the moment. This is where the sex cam experience gets really, really good.

There's an intimacy in a private show that you will never replicate in a group show. The model and you connect, if only for the length of the session, and you don't have to worry about her sleeping over. Like the song says, "I need a lover that won't drive me crazy, some girl to thrill and then go away!" That's right, Playa! Plus, she's not looking for a commitment, so you can pick a different girl next time, guilt free! Maybe I'm crazy, but I think sex cams xxx are the answer for commitment free, totally safe sex.

Honest Reviews, No Bullshit

And so, I offer you this ranked list of the best sexcam sites. The reviews were all honestly written by me. I have neither the motivation nor the desire to screw you over or mislead you. If you are tired of the meat-market aspect of the free cam sites (as I am), check these out. Much like the free sites, they cost no money to browse. Setting up an account is free, too, just don't expect to see a lot of nudity until you get in a private show. The good news here is that if you are willing to part with a little bit of your money, you can have a far more gratifying and pleasurable experience. Give these high class sites a go and see if you agree with me!


These are the tops. These represent the best sex cams on the internet; the most popular sites and my personal favorites. They are premium sites, so don't expect to get much for free, but expect a better experience than the free sites offer. You should do yourself a favor and check out these premium cam experiences.