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If you like Asian women (and I do!) then Sakura Live is an excellent sex cam site. It boasts enough positives to get a good rating from me. If you have a particular preference for Japanese women (again, me!) then Sakura Live might be the best cam site on the net. These ladies are beautiful and sexy and ready to please.

The cam quality is, in general, excellent, with most of the cams being in HD. Unlike some sites where almost every cam is HD, there is a higher percentage of non-HD cams here. Still, I did not often find myself disappointed by the cam quality. Perhaps this speaks more to the evolving quality of the webcam industry and the decreasing latency of the internet, but lets not get too technical.

I like the site's sort feature a lot, as it helps you pull what you want to see to the top. You can pull new girls, or HD cams, or girls with toys to the top, just to name a few options. That being said, I'm not a real fan of the site design. It looks a little simplistic and dated to me. Still, the girls are pretty enough to overcome this deficiency.

You may be worried about communication issues; I was at first. Many of the girls speak English, or at least enough to figure out what you are looking for. Personally, I like the fact that they don't speak English too fluently. If her English were too good, it might take away from the exoticism of the encounter. Don't worry about it, though. The site features a nifty chat translator that will help you out.

If you like Asian girls, but you love Japanese girls, this is the site for you. The cams are good quality, the site is functional, and the ladies are simply awesome. So, even if Asian girls are only an occasional fling for you, I hope you will give Sakura Live a try.


This is a fantastic site if you like Asian women and the best site ever if your preference is Japanese women. The performers are beautiful, petite angels. The cam quality is excellent with most being HD. Well worth checking out.
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